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Renee Lopez

Director of C.A.R.E.™

"As a former NCAA Compliance Director, D1 and D2 Head Coach I know the A-Z of the recruiting process.

Sign-up for our next free webinar - I'll  show you how we can help your high school's athletic staff, student-athletes and their families by rolling-out our C.A.R.E™ program."

Upcoming  FREE  30 minute webinars

'An Introduction to  C.A.R.E.™' 

We'll talk   about:

-  The latest NCAA rules and how they affect you

- How   you can use C.A.R.E.™ education at your high school

-  How  C.A.R.E.™ can help fund your sports teams with no cost to your school

Understanding the athletic scholarship difference between head count sports and equivalency sports.

Helping student-athletes and their families understand the best ways to market themselves to college coaches.

Ensuring student-athletes understand the impact of their grades early in high school related to the Eligibility Center.

We'll see you there!   Coach Renee 🙂