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The college recruiting game has changed. It's time for parents and student-athletes to take control of their own recruiting process. 


C.A.R.E.™ is a next generation educational coaching program specifically designed to educate parents and their future student-college-athletes on the A-Z of the college recruiting process.


Our LIVE interactive program offers incredible value giving 6 hours of LIVE coaching led by Coach Renee Lopez over 4 sessions to ensure you master the college recruiting process like a pro. 




The 6 hours of LIVE interactive coaching are delivered via ZOOM so you can join the coaching from anywhere, on any device.  Plus all sessions are recorded for instant access in case a session is missed or needs to be revisited on-demand.

Experiencing the competition and being a student-athlete at the college level is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Years of hard work, support, traveling and expense playing at club and high school levels can be lost because of the limited amount of time available to get the recruiting process right, families have just one shot.  The cost of not being informed or in control of your athlete's future is too high to not get educated for success! 

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We Recommend the C.A.R.E.™ Program

“The QU team behind the C.A.R.E.™ Program are very organized and helpful. The coaching experience they offer is really invaluable in how they tell you what works and what doesn’t in recruiting.”

Craig Bullock

Parent of Athlete


LIVE interactive program accessible from anywhere, on any device

6 hours of LIVE C.A.R.E™ coaching led by

Coach Renee Lopez

one-time family enrollment

ONLY $449 

  • 6 hours of LIVE interactive coaching delivered over 4 sessions led by Coach Renee Lopez (approximately 90 minutes per session)

  • Join LIVE interactive coaching sessions from anywhere on any device (no special equipment needed - sessions delivered via zoom)​

  • All sessions recorded and made available to revisit on-demand

  • Repeat LIVE sessions anytime in the future to stay up-to-date with recruiting information for siblings, sons and daughters who are also student-athletes 

  • Designed to give every parent and student-athlete the A-Z of the college recruiting process to get ahead

Coaching sessions include:

  • When and How to Begin? - The secrets to building a successful athlete profile. Athlete marketing. How to use and leverage social media for success. Understanding the parent role. Understanding the HS/Club coach, school counselor and AD roles. Navigating eligibility to play at college. Developing a strategy to stand-out at a college showcase. Critical aspects of promo videos.

  • Exploring College Options - How to shortlist and target realistic colleges for success.  Understanding campus visits (unofficial vs official). Student-athlete role vs. parent role throughout the process.  Essential NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA rules. Important questions you must ask a college coach and questions not to ask.  Preparing for the interview questions college coaches will ask.  Beyond the X’s and O’s - understanding the intangibles coaches are looking for. ID Camps vs. Regular Camps vs. Try-outs.

  • Scholarships and Aid - Funding statistics on all college sports.  Scholarship breakdown by division. Taking advantage of and understanding stackable aid - academic / athletic / outside scholarships / grants vs. loans vs. scholarships. FAFSA.  Knowing how and when to ask college coaches about athletic scholarships.

  • Committing and Signing - The essential steps to take before committing.  Understanding verbal vs signing.  Ensuring the correct signing process is undertaken.  Essential steps to take after signing.

LIVE C.A.R.E™ also includes:

  • The Essentials of the College Recruiting Process for Parents and Student-Athletes - An exclusive 30 minute educational coaching session video presentation with Coach Renee Lopez

  • Bonus downloads - Essential Questions To Ask A College Coach, 21 Athlete Profile Essentials, Strategies To Emailing A College Coach & Essential Steps To Take After Signing Day.

  • Expert athlete profile review by QU's college team - All C.A.R.E.™ student-athletes receive a professional personalized profile review giving valuable feedback and advice to ensure their QU app and online profile is ready to impress college coaches [$100 value].

  •  Personalized QU hoodie - To showcase and enable each athlete's ongoing self marketing effort [$50 value]


Session 1:  

Thurs Dec 12 @ 7:30PM EST | 4:30PM PST

Session 2: 

Thurs Dec 19 @ 7:30PM EST | 4:30PM PST

Session 3:

Tues Jan 7 @ 7:30PM EST | 4:30PM PST

Session 4:

 Tues Jan 14 @ 7:30PM EST | 4:30PM PST

[all sessions approx. 90 mins]



 athletes get our FREE app 

& start getting seen! 


Coach Renee Lopez is one of the nation's foremost experts in the college recruiting process.


As a seventeen-year coaching veteran, Renee has been successful both in business and sports.


In addition to serving as NCAA Compliance Director, Renee has learned the recruiting process from having worked as a high school varsity head coach for three years and a college coach for fourteen, in NCAA Division I, II, III, and NAIA.



Renee is also the author of an upcoming book on the college recruiting process for student-athletes titled 'Looking For A FULL RIDE?: An Insider’s Recruiting Guide' where she has interviewed 65 college coaches and athletic directors.


As a recruiting educator, she also has been a guest on numerous blogs, podcasts and radio shows.  Renee has recently been featured with the National Alliance for Youth Sports, USA Weekly, ESPN Radio and SiriusXM. As a coach, she developed 3 All-Americans, was named Coach of the Year and regularly led her teams to Academic Honors, Sportsmanship Awards and Regional Championships.

There's no question that Renee is one of the best in the business! 

"As a former NCAA Compliance Director, D1 and D2 Head Coach I know the recruiting success secrets to use and the pitfalls to avoid.  Our C.A.R.E™ program gives the education to empower athletes and their families to enable a successful college recruitment experience."

Renee Lopez

Director of C.A.R.E.™


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